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The Manifest Celebrates WFMA Agency as Best B2B Partner

The Manifest Celebrates WFMA Agency as 2022’s Best Recommended B2B Partner

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve recently been highlighted on The Manifest! According to their first-ever company awards, WFMA is among the top recommended digital marketing and digital services companies!

To honour this extraordinary moment, we’re going to take a moment to credit each and every one who helped make this a reality for us. Working with amazing clients like Ermitažas, BlokoBloko, IFS Financial Management, Maria Galland, Tiny Riot and others has been a great honour. Their success is what helped us shine and achieve this award.

The Manifest performs business research that’s known for its data-driven content like step-by-step guides and agency shortlists. Their inaugural awards celebrate the top service providers that earned the highest number of reviews and stellar testimonials.

Thank you so much to all our clients who supported us and reviewed us. We owe this fantastic moment to your trust. To more exciting opportunities ahead!

At WFMA agency, we help SME eCommerce Founders and CMOs with yearly business revenue between €1m and €1bn find new avenues for growth and scale their e-commerce businesses effectively and sustainably. We do this using bulletproof strategies, proven digital marketing tactics and beautiful, engaging content, so you can confidently navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape, consistently grow your business and focus on delivering your customer promise. We know this because we have helped many eCommerce businesses find their strengths and double down on what works for them, resulting in three-fold yearly growth numbers.

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